03/07/2010 - This is Solidarity calling 'N'

A LITTLE while ago, a supporter contacted us with a possible story about Barclaycard
offshoring thousands of jobs.  Our supporter had a Christian name starting with an ‘N’. 

Could this whistleblower get back in touch with us again?  We’d like to do an in-depth
article on this and would like the ‘inside’ information that we believe you possess.
As is the case with all whistleblowers who contact us, your identity will remain a secret.  
On this theme, Solidarity would like to carry more workplace articles.  Therefore, we’d
like to build an infrastructure of members or supporters who can supply us with accurate
and detailed workplace information.  We’re keen to report on all sections of British
industry.  Real workplace issues may seem trivial to some, but they are not so funny
for those directly affected.
In the first instance, our Barclaycard contact ‘N’ (and others interested in this sort of
work) should contact [email protected]