Construction & Builder

The Construction and Building work section includes, among others, these trades - roofers / bricklayers / steel fixers / carpenters / labourers / groundworkers / electricians / plumbers / civil engineers / machine operators / etc.

Solidarity has been forged as the only British worker defence against the TUC and Government betrayal, since they have done nothing to stop the 100,000s of migrants flooding into our country and stealing our jobs.

The Building and Construction tradesmen are worst hit, but we will turn the tide. Workers from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland both play an intregal part in the respected industry of Construction. Solidarity allows members of both nations to join, since this does not threaten the working environment of the industry.

Mass Migration is the biggest threat to British workers' jobs and pay. It is changing the face of British industry and leading to intense competition amongst workers, particularly in the Building and Construction Industry. The only loser in this situation - if things are allowed to contniue - is the British worker. Solidarity is the last line of defence for the British worker.

1. What We Fight For

The Construction industry should be booming, however mass uncontrolled migration of Eastern Europeans has resulted in:
1) Foreign / native contractors refusing to employ the British and Irish workers,
2) Huge drop in the wage rate of workers, and
3) Job insecurity.

As well as fighting to uphold your Statutory Rights we will also investigate relevant issues within your work sector that will protect your jobs & improve your working conditions, such as:

  • English Speaking ONLY building sites

    Loss of Communication = Loss of Life, and we will aggressively demonstrate against companies while heavily lobbying minsters towards addressing this issue.

All UK Government Jobs give employment preference to UK Citizens

    We will picket protest client companies that employ firms with a large non-native workforce.

Apprenticeship Schemes

    We will lobby the Government towards offering companies financial grants (for added insurance expenses) to train up the next generation of native British workers.

The Right to be Self-Employed

    The UCATT-funded Labour Party is slowly placing the CIS Tax Status option with PAYE, which effectively doubles the amount you give in taxes. Also you become unable to claim for your considerable number of unique expenses, since travelling and lodging away is a part of the nature of your work, and companies will not compensate you for this.

Abolish CSCS Builders Tax

    These Bogus Safety Certificates (aggressively pushed by Alan Ritchie, the deputy chairman of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and general secretary of UCATT) are utterly worthless in practice, since they are handed out freely to foreign workers.

    Any professional company knows the empty irrelevance of these cards, but UCATT and the authorities push there adoption so that they can claim that the mass number of migrants are skilled labour. This is simply a lie to put British workers out of work. NOTE that the CITB–ConstructionSkills has piloted a scheme that enables workers to sit the CSCS health and safety test in Poland, a clear indication of the desire to train foreign workers instead of our own people.

Flexible Working Hours

    While you would be entitled to work a 40 hour week, you should be given the option of being allowed to work additional hours of your choosing. TUC unions seek to stop this in order to increase their membership numbers at your expense.

Work Climate Conditions

    In extreme weather, outdoor workers should be provided with additional extended breaks along with the option of walking offsite without risking their jobs.

However without your support we are powerless, so don't hesitate in supporting us so that we can support and protect your livelihood.

The internationalist UCATT construction union has decided to focus their recruitment on the Polish, Russian, Romanian and Albanian groups so that these people can take your jobs and make the companies greater profits.