The Communications work section details our unions committment towards the renationalisation of the essential Royal Mail postal service that can ensure that all communities, receive full coverage of service.

Our Union welcomes all communication workers who need a force to demand that off-shoring of jobs is stopped and further privatisation is prevented. Naturally we include all areas of the sector including the Post Office, BT and other telephone companies, cable TV and much more.

Communications Solidarity will do everything in our power to ensure the continued professional postal service and oppose the off-shoring of much of the communications industry.

Communication Solidarity opposes the transfer of UK wealth to foreign nations in the form of off-shoring and will work towards the prevention of this. The TUC unions have done little to prevent off-shoring and their support of the Government has clearly wedded them to this brutal form of global capitalist enterprise.

1. What We Fight For

The Communications Sector is suffering under the internationalist agenda that condons off-shoring of British jobs to other nations. A further act of this globalisation is shown by the steady privatisation of once-respected institutions such as Royal Mail.

As well as fighting to uphold your Statutory Rights we will also investigate relevant issues within your work sector that will protect your jobs & improve your working conditions, such as:

  • Re-Nationalisation of the Postal Service
    This is an absolute priority to ensure the survival of the rural services. By selling off the more profitable parts of the service, such as parcels, this only works towards reducing the service and the jobs of those within it yet further still.

  • Racial Apartheid
    The failing multicultural experiment is causing ripples of alarm throughout left-wing TUC unions and Government parties resulting in enforced so-called positive discrimination and, sadly, the communications industry isn't free from this predudice which Solidarity will fight against rigorously.

  • Shame Off-Shoring Companies
    While the TUC are noted to have approved of off-shoring, we believe that by actively demonstrating against companies who contract out foreign call centres, we should also encourage them to change. Companies that off shore jobs should be campaigned against vigorously.

  • Loss of Pensions
    Many workers have contributed over 10% of their wages towards a pension scheme for decades, only so that the Government could tax these savings to the tune of £5 Billion a year. Solidarity will campaign against this policy and will also highlight the generous publicly funded pensions of politicians.

  • Cheap Foreign Labour
    Many reports of cases where Nigerian fraudsters have infiltrated the Postal Service and committed criminal acts. The reason for this is that the company pays low wages and in some cases will employ the least reliable people in society, rather than skilled honest British workers.

However without your support we are powerless, so don't hesitate in supporting us so that we can support and protect your livelihood.

The internationalist CWU Union has failed to stop the off-shoring of thousands of telecommunication jobs to countries such as India while the Post Office is being dismantled for the companies greater profits at the expense of British jobs and inferior service