Agriculture & Farming

The Agriculture & Farming section details our unions committment towards this deeply threatened industry. This work sector is open to all Farmers / Growers / Pickers / Heavy Machinery Operators / Gardeners / etc. However we do not encourage NFU members to leave this Union and would request that you consider dual-membership.

This work sector is unqiue in that we view ourselves as supporters of the National Farmers' Union in the hope that together we can fight against the mass import of cheap food, and the devastating effect of abusive Capitalism where supermarket chains impoverish our own farmers and growers. We intend on supporting the NFU in encouraging the British Public towards buying British while also supporting British farmers towards building a sustainable rural economy.

We will fight to ensure the survival of UK farming which has become threatened over recent years from the EU's Agricultural Policies, Supermarket greed and the indifference of Government. 

Successive governments have neglected the rural economy and have enacted policies that have had the consequence of damaging British agricultural and rural folk. But the relentless pressure of global Internationalist Capitalism has conspired to push the British farmer further into the margins of profitability, whilst Mass Migration has contributed to the destruction of British farming jobs as cheap foreign labour is imported into the British agricultural sector.

Agriculture and Farming Solidarity recognises the national focus of the NFU and we seek harmonious relations with this highly respected union. The NFU, unlike the TUC focuses on Britain and does not neglect this nation under the ignorance of the TUC's Internationalism. Solidarity therefore sees itself as working with the NFU, and will not seek to poach members from them.

1. What We'll Fight For

The Agriculture sector has suffered considerably under the globalist agenda where diversity indoctrination encourages customers to buy so-called fair trade goods instead of good healthy British produce. We will help to fight aganist this trend. Mass Migration has also resulted in many farm hands and pickers being exploited due to the cheap labour influx which we oppose.

As well as fighting to uphold your Statutory Rights we will also combat relevant issues within your work sector that will protect your jobs & improve your working conditions, such as:

  • Buying British
    Supermarkets in their drive for profits are neglecting the devastating effects that importing food has on the environment. Homegrown produce is ignored for foreign produce that is shipped or flown from 1,000s of miles away to be placed on supermarket shelves. Likewise, Supermarket monopolies undermines the British farmer profits and helps to drive farmers out of business.

  • Gangmaster Control
    Gangmaster are bringing in huge numbers of cheap migrant labour in the drive for profits. However, Solidarity fundamentally opposes this and believes that as a society we should find more suitable forms of labour to replace this new form of cheap labour. This could include convicts, Community Programme Rural Labour, students or subsidised British local labour.

  • Regional Abatoirs
    The transporting of live stock across such considerable distances not only is cruel on the health and welfare of animals but can affect the area of contamination if there is an infection outbreak. Solidarity therefore supports the re-establishment of regional abatoirs.

  • Reclaiming our Fisheries
    The fishing industry must be reborn within the UK, since this could help revitalise many local coastal communities. For this to happen the government must defend British waters from the criminal foreign fishing fleets who destroy our industry and the fish stocks. Solidarity supports the withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

  • Modern Farming
    Due to our increased population it is only natural that the Agriculture sector needs to embrace current technologies in order to ensure competitiveness and protect the environment while producing adequate amounts of food. Though we do promote organic farming and oppose industrialised farming units and the rise of agri-business, preferring the smaller farmer who is being squeezed out.

  • Polytunnels
    Recent court ruling have stated that farmers need planning permission to put up plastic polytunnels on their fields. These tunnels are vital for the £200 industry since if UK growers are unable to meet demand for berries then imported fruit will appear on supermarket shelves at the costs of British jobs and the environment.

However without your support we are powerless, so do not hesitate in applying for dual-membership with us so that we can support and protect your livelihood.

The internationalist Government and their Big Business paymasters will not be happy until they have bankrupted the vital agricultural sector of this nation and we will oppose this.

2. Our Activities

As we become a larger union we shall display pictures and list our nationwide demonstrations and achievements. The kind of activities that Agriculture and Farming Solidarity are involved in include the following...

  • Picket Protesting
    Campaigns against companies that sell a large percentage of imported food products. For example, supermarkets that sell more Danish bacon rather than British will be targeted
  • Pressure Local Councils
    Local Council can, and should install a quota on local food catering companies towards buying local produce when possible. LOCAL food for LOCAL People.
  • Lobby MP's
    We will work alongside the NFU in lobbying the Government towards providing financial assistance to farmers so that we can handle the future challengers of this sector
  • Raise Awareness of Safety Issues
    Through the use of Posters / Leaflets and Flyers we shall highlight the risks that workers and employers need to be made aware of to save lifes
  • Helping Members Secure Work
    We shall demonstrate around the country against companies that import foreign foods at the expense of home-produced foods and against supermarkets who exploit British farmers..

Only with your support can Solidarity fight for your safety, your rights and the long-term job security of our Agriculture and Farming Sector.